Andrey Vaskin

If you want to go fast - go alone, if you want to go far - go in a team

Born in Perm. Graduated from the Perm State Technical University with a degree in Industrial and Civil Engineering. The head of the dance studio Funky Family, one of the founders of GS-TEAM event agency, the organizer of the street dance festival «Vse stili v sile» («All styles in full swing»), the street culture festival «Geroi ulits» («The Street Heroes»).


  • Leaving for a large city, you can achieve something, but you can get lost.
  • My goal is to overcome the Ironman distance. I am steady in this purpose.
  • A good organizer does not care about which process to organize.
  • My dream came true, I have a great family, two daughters, I want to see their success and enjoy it with them.

My story

«Family» was the first word that appeared in the name of the dance school. My task was to create warm relations between coaches and students, so that the coach was not addressed to «Good afternoon, Andrey Andreyevich,» but «Andrey» and «give me five». Yes, sometimes I can be strict when someone breaks the rules, but I'm like a dad in the family.

I work in the event industry, GS-TEAM is a fairly serious player, we are on the market for seven years, and we do large projects. We bring some ideas from the seminars, draw something from the Internet because the producer has to dig up the new. But mostly we generate ideas ourselves, and these know-hows we implement in our projects.

I joined «Long Stories of Perm» because I was closely connected with street culture and graffiti movement. The purpose of «Stories» is an urgent crisis therapy of the urban environment, it was necessary to replace the gray, dull, plastered with posters for something bright, evoking emotions. We have made the team, trained it, tried tools to ensure that the story that the artist draws would be correctly transferred. Everything worked out. It was an excellent experience, a lot of new, unusual and exciting, 24/7 work, endless festival, people work during the day, and at night you are engaged in projecting a picture. For two years we have found a lot of young artists. It was very cool!

To be blunt, I am a very quick-tempered and nervous person, and in order not to snap at entirely innocent people, I go in for sports, get rid of negativity and come home satisfied and happy.

I still have the belief that in Perm it is possible to reach those heights that are achieved in larger cities. I do Perm a little better with my work. There is a phrase: «If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go as a team.» I want to go far. It is crucial for me that some proven reliable people are near. I do not want to be alone.

Although one day my dad gave me probably the most important advice. I was still a child, we traveled with him to the river, and on the sandy shore, the car was stuck. For several hours we thumbed at the road and asked people to help, but no one responded. As a result, we pulled out the car ourselves, and on the way back, Dad said the phrase that I still remember: «In this life, you can only rely on yourself.»