About us

Perm Faces is informational touristic portal representing region through the eyes of its dwellers. Our website includes stories of procreative, talented people from different locations in the Perm krai who chose Prikamie to live in and have reached some success in self-realization.

One more idea behind Perm Faces project is the quick accommodation for those who decided to move to Perm krai for studying or work: it is always important for newcomers to «get in» new place's life quickly, to get into new social circles and feel at home. Thisportalwillassistthematit.

Who becomes Perm Faces characters?

  • professionals and activists whose initiatives lead to positive changes at the local level;
  • people whose actions lead to getting news aboad Perm krai spend beyond;
  • leaders of the local communities who gather people around them and influence their environment's lifestyle;
  • procreators, trendsetters.

How do we choose characters for Perm Faces Project

Organizers of the project choose first 30 participants on their own. Then we determine the rest candidates judging by the number of mentions from the already chosen participants, each of them can recommend someone.

You can also suggest your own Face for the project via special form.

Organizers of the project

Organizer of the project is autonomous noncommercial organization «Centre for realization of social projects 'Stimul». The project has won the Regional contest of social and civil initiatives and is realized with financial support from the Administration of the Governor of the Perm krai.

Our team

  • Idea, concept, head of the project: Maria Lyamina
  • Head of the ANCO Centre for Realization of Social Projects «Stimul»: Lyubov Akimova
  • Editor: Vadim Skovorodin
  • Story Hunters: Anastasia Shtetc, Irina Zhuravleva, Ekaterina Kosolapova, Tatiana Shklyaeva, Kristina Suvorova, Timofey Dubrovskikh
  • Photographers: Marina Dmitrieva, Olya Sorokina, Evgeniy Demshin
  • Proofreader: Irina Arkhipenkova
  • Internet Marketing: Nikita Kluev, Daria Safina
  • Translation: Anastasia Kazakova, Tatiana Shklyaeva
  • Design: Evgenia Mrachkovskaya, Marina Dmitrieva

Contact us: info@permfaces.com