Uliana Malysheva

When you feel nature in yourself, then the whole world is with you, and you are with the whole world



Born in the city of Berezniki, graduated in 1996 from PSMA on the specialty «Obstetrician-gynecologist.» The founder of the yoga center and the Prana Tea Club, a yoga instructor.


  • Your realization is the courage to acknowledge your true desire, and then the courage to realize it.
  • You should be able to let it all go. While your hands are busy with insult, dreary hope, pity, then how will love, joy, and inspiration get to them?
  • Happiness is always there. You should just let it in for permanent residence.
  • The hardest thing in a person's life is his own character.

My story

The idea to organize the Prana yoga center arose by chance. By education, I am an obstetrician-gynecologist and didn't know how to do business. And what are yoga centers, too. But the thought came and did not let me go for several months, and I realized that if I didn't do it, I would be disappointed.

Building a harmonious space is possible if you have harmonious family relationships. Without my husband, nothing would have happened. This is a family project. And, of course, certain tests. They, however, only strengthened our family in the direction of openness, acceptance, trust. And this is not my personal contribution but of our entire family and children as well. This is 24/7 dedication.

I came to yoga when it was not popular, more than fifteen years ago. My friend brought me here, and it turned out that yoga is great. And almost immediately I began to teach.

Medical education gave a certain status. When I worked as a doctor, my interest was to heal people. And then another accent appeared — to teach how to be healthy.

I have always liked Berezniki for short distances, here is an excellent additional education, and to me, it is an ideal city to bring up children. I also like the closeness to nature, in thirty minutes you can be not even at the other end of the city but at the other end of the world. Perm Krai is located on the Perm Sea, and this force is felt. The Ural resonates most with my nature. Everyone is looking for where he is comfortable, and I feel comfortable here. I love this town.

The community of the Prana yoga center is formed year by year. There is already a fairly large instructor staff, and many people come to classes for specific instructors. Now all the difficult periods are over, and we unite people here.

When I started practicing yoga, I saw very clearly how energy comes from exercise. If you live in harmony with your interests and do not deceive yourself, then the energy fairly increases. You don't need to gain it, it is all around.

There are a lot of people to whom I listen. My husband often teaches me life, children say the right words and, of course, parents. Whatever my relationships with my parents were in my youth, now I understand the great influence they have had on me and continue to have.

My interest is holism. The holistic person is realized in society, and professionally, and in the family. For this, we need certain inner courage, which allows you to do things, maybe strange, but correct. And just then there will be energy and health. But everyone should feel it oneself. Yoga only helps cut off all unnecessary and hear yourself.

If in Petya you love Petya, then you will always miss Vanya in him. If you love all the men of the world in Petya, then you will not need either Vanya, Fyodor or anyone else. Because everything is already in Petya.