Galina Vyazova

One can always feel when you do your job with love

Graduated in Woodcarver from the Abramtsevo Art-Industrial College. Mother of many children. Goes in for art painting. Opened gingerbread production in Kungur, together with her family. Gingerbread is baked according to the old Russian recipe, from natural foods, on handmade gingerbread boards. The workshop of the Vyazov family and their master classes have become one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. All guests here are always welcomed.


  • The priests' guidance appeared to be the key to my life. It has become a revelation to me that if you are asking God, He really helps.
  • The doors are always open in my house, and I am proud that many people like being here.
  • When I arrived in the Urals, I was amazed at the simplicity in communication, kindness, and responsiveness.
  • Kungur still has a lack of places to do something interesting and valuable. Such places should be developed.
  • Kungur can become a real center of craftsmen, there are a lot of talented people here who just need an opportunity to grow.
  • When you make something with love, one can always feel it.

My story

I was born in the Cossack village on Don, and my husband was from under Tula, he was born and lived right in Yasnaya Polyana [where Leo Tolstoy lived]. We came to the Urals very easily, because we thought that would not be for long. After graduating from the Abramtsevo Art-Industrial College, I received the diploma of a woodcarver «with approval.» That meant my handicrafts already had some value, and they gave me the recommendation to enter the Vera Mukhina Higher Scool of Art and Design in Leningrad, then. There were still four months before admission, and I decided to teach «by appointment» and chose the Urals. There is an expression «came after the fog,» meaning «after a dream.» It is about me.

About my teaching, one can definitely shoot a movie. The administration immediately gave me the third course: I am 19 years old girl, and the students are all after the army, and many already with families and children. But this did not create any obstacles. We had a very creative atmosphere, we worked day and night, we burned with the enthusiasm to life and work, we only slept separately (laughs).

Later, I could live in Moscow, in Volgograd, but distinctly felt as soon as we arrived in Kungur: I am in my own place and at home. From the conventional logic, I was wrong in many things, but then, from this incorrectness, happiness is obtained. If I chose a different path, I don't know if it would be better or worse, but surely in a different way. I cherish what I have now, and am very happy with my life. Of course, there are a lot of difficulties around, but my husband and family are with me, students become friends, and I really appreciate it.

I have no doubt: accidents are not accidental, the labor of love always leads you up the stairs to something important. It so happened that 16 years ago our family won the city competition, and the gift was a balloon flight, our eldest daughter Vasilisa flew. In gratitude, we baked several gingerbreads to the pilots, the administrations showed them, so the «Vyazovsky gingerbreads» brand appeared.

We all work on gingerbread, big and small. We were absolutely not going to make money on the gingerbread business, it was just a hobby, but now it's already 30 years old one. At first, we worked at a loss, my husband was against it, but I saw what people like and went right through. Gradually everything turned out. And how many friends we made due to this gingerbread!

I taught woodcarving at the Kungur Art College for 27 years. I did not study art painting professionally, but it seems to me that success depends not only on professionalism. One can always feel when you do your job with love. We always transfer what we have in our soul to what we create. I take it very tenderly.

The main motto of our gingerbread workshop: Doing a good deed in good company! I wish it were the case everywhere.