Tour through the exhibition Trogontherium Elephant

Exhibition about the process of paleontological digging at the place of discovering of the trogonter elephant in Okhansky District of the Perm region. This discovery is unique for Russia as it is for the first time that two skeletons of trogonter elephants are found in the same place. The Okhansky location area is a complex one, five more types of mammals were found here.

How many cubic meters did it take to get to the layer with bones? Who were elephant's «neighbours»? How many kilos of gypsum cement and construction foam do participants of the expedition take with them? You will learn the answers on Tatyana Vostrikova's tour.

Excursion is held in the Museum of Perm antiquities (Sibirskaya, 15).

Photo credits: Perm Local History Museum, Mikhail Nagaitsev